The Electric Games are world’s first and biggest event solely dedicated to e-ride.

Created in 2018 in the little town of Monségur in France, the event aims to be both a sports competition and an international meeting, festive and innovative, for all e-riders communities : e-scooters, electric unicycles, e-skates and onewheels.

The 2021 edition is the third one, with the two previous editions having paved the way for this futuristic event.

The event is brought to you by Passion Ride.

The team


Le boss

Creator of the event.
Rides : Electric Unicycle
Loves : Off-road
His mission : Create the best e-ride event ever !


E-ride Earth

Our e-mountainboard specialist
Rides : His own board
Loves : Dirt !



Our onewheel expert
Rides: Onewheel XR
Loves : gliding on the beach, man !


En roue vers l’aventure

Our community manager
Rides : Electric Unicycle
Loves : Off-road


The Electric Games are an adventure for the whole e-riding community, and the team would like to give credit to all of you guys who are helping out with the event, one way or another.

Big thanks to Meline / En roue vers l’aventure for creating this beautiful website for us.

And also in no specific order, for all the pictures we have used on the website: 

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