The Electric Games are more than a competition : it is also an uplifting festival that will put a huge smile on your face. All the e-rides communities come together to share an unforgettable moment. It is a great time to meet world-class riders, tie some new friendships and of course get to see all your mates !

Electro-Ride parties

When the night falls, the Skatecross track and its modules and ramps become the most futuristic dancefloor ever : all the riders can enjoy the fresh air of the night on their vehicles and enjoy good mixes from our guest DJs !

Night rides

Circuits will be ready for the most daring participants to take a ride under the moon light (and your own light and safety equipment !), in the pinetrees or on the beach. Roar on more than 220km of cycle lanes in the area.

Riding by night with a few selected buddies is a great way to chill out from the hot summer days, and will leave you with great memories !

Test and try out

There will be many professional exhibitors with all the latest tech and mech.
Ever wanted to try a one-wheel ? Or an e-skate ? There will hardly be a better moment than this one !

Eat and refresh

Fancy some quick snacks, or a nice cold drink ? We have several food trucks and refreshment areas where you’ll find solid and liquid fuel for your body.

The Rider’s meal is another option for competitors. Just forget about hunting for the best lunch and get it prepped directly for you ! Veggie options available.

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