The Electric Games is a meeting of e-ride passionates. But not everyone has the same expectations about it : some prefer sport and adrenalin, while others prefer fun and hanging out with friends.

No matter in which camp your foot is, we have you covered. For competitors, the Global Challenge with its time trials and the Electric Games Cup with its tournament format will get your blood pumping.

Will you be brave enough to try out the Skatecross circuit with its jumps and gaps ? And how about trying out some crazy new tricks with max airtime thanks to the giant airbag ?

And for all of you who prefer just fun, the choice is yours. Ready for a ride in the great countryside, along the pinetrees, beaches and to the world famous Pilat dune ? Or maybe some crazy games to be played in teams, even by youngsters (12 and up) ? Or maybe there’s a freestyle rider hidden inside of you, why not show the world your best trick ? How about a nightclub reserved for riders ?

Choose your camp ! Or don’t choose, it’s perfectly fine to participate to as many as you can !

NEW FOR 2021

For the first time, the Global Challenge will be opened to disabled riders with electrified wheelchairs using an e-scooter, an electric unicycle… The Global Challenge is a timed trial, so wheelchairs restricted to 6km/h will be strongly disadvantaged.


There are two formats of competitions this year : 

  • The Global Challenge : a series of 3 time-trials, with qualification and finale. The finale leads to a podium for each rider category.
  • The Electric Games Cup : three optional races in tournament format and a dedicated podium after each race. Access is reserved to adults.

Riders have to participate to the Global Challenge in order to participate to the Electric Games Cup, which has a separate (free) registration. There is a limited number of places available, don’t wait until it’s too late !


There will only be one ranking per vechicle family and rider type (man, woman, youth) for the Global Challenge.

For the competition to be fair, riders will be split info groups depending on the type of vehicle they ride. Each rider has to use the same vehicle for all the trials of the Global Challenge.

However, riders may choose a different vehicle for each of the Electric Games Cup race, as long as it is of the same kind (e-scooters, onewheel, euc, etc.)


If the event had to be canceled because ofthe COVID-19 pandemic, or if your should not be able to come because of this same pandemic, you would be 100% refunded for all purchases made on this website.


Riders race against the clock, trying to get the fastest time on 3 challenges*. Times are then compiled into a final ranking.

Two sessions are organised : qualifications on Saturday and the finale on Sunday. Each session will have its own ranking by type of vehicle, but only the best riders on qualifications will be able to take part in the finale and aim for the podium !

The competition is opened for the first time to disabled (e-Wheelchairs) competitors ! The competition is the same for all competitors : great riding is just ahead of you ! The e-Wheelchairs category will obviously have its own podium, as all other categories also have.

Note to the Onewheel riders : the Global Challenge is an IOWA affiliated event !


Adequate body protections are required to take part in the competition : helmet, knee and elbow pads.


A cross-country track : follow the path between the pinetrees, take the sharp turns and use straight sections to gain speed. But watch out for ups and downs !

A speed track on tarmac : In a track of about 600m in length you’ll have to find the best line to negociate those turns and straight segments.

An agility-slalom track : Even if the clock is still turning, you will have to be very cautious to finish this one !

* Challenges for the street e-skate family: Speed track / Agility Slalom / Skate-cross (see below)


If you love adrenalin bursts, this is the ultimate competition for you ! Qualifications with eliminations give the departure order for the quarter. Only the bests of each round go to the next stage, until only one remains, the king of his category !

Riders start by groups of 4, only the 2 best ones go to the next round : this time, your opponents are just next to you on the same track !

The challenges

The Street Cup

⚠️ Very intense race : back protection is mandatory !

On the speed-track of the Global Challenge, you don’t want to miss your start and stay on top of the game for 4 full laps


⚠️ Very intense race : back protection is mandatory !

5 laps on an exclusive track made of modules and ramps. Short but as intense as it can get, with a joker lap that can change everything until the last second !


⚠️ Intense race : regular body protections required !

During two laps on the cross-country track of the Global Challenge, all those turns and straight lines to overtake your opponents will require some tactics and a fair amount of stamina in your legs !

Leisure activities

For all of you guys who are not into adrenalin, the Electric Games has a lot of leisure activities to offer. Whether focused on games, on friends and fun, or just the plain and undeniable pleasure to ride in beautiful landscapes, riders of all age (12 and up) will have a great time.

Those activities are free but require an on-site registration for security reasons.

Leisure GROUP rides

Micro mobility could easily be one of the best ways to discover the network of cycle paths around the event. On the ocean shore, in the pine trees or through typical coastal villages : you will ride through unforgettable places !

The Bay of Arcachon has a network of over 220km of cycle paths. If you feel like it, you can even go all around the basin to Cap Ferret and take the ferry to come back ! What a journey !

Please don’t forget you will need a valid personal insurance in order to ride on public space. Don’t forget your protections either !

The Interwheel Games

The spirit of circus and kermesse, the Interwheel Games are a series of weird and fun challenges to be completed by teams of riders. The goal is to get as much points as possible and become champion of the games. But above anything else, the goal is to have the best time ever !

A game master will lead the games and give instructions as required.

The Interwheel Games are only accessible to electric unicycles : it is mandatory to have both hands free…


Polowheel, as its name suggests, is inspired by polo but… on an electric unicycle. Two teams of three players equipped with polo sticks try to push a small ball into the opponent’s team goal. 

Much more technical than it sounds !

Polowheel is only accessible to electric unicycles, since it is mandatory to have both hands free.


Forget about speed and rocky terrain. Here we push the boundaries of balance in tricks, jumps and slides of all kinds.

Use the central stage to show your best tricks, or learn from the best !

Costumes and creativity are more than welcome: make this moment a crazy good one !

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